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Mountain Christian Church is a multi-campus church located in Harford County, Maryland. At Mountain, people matter, and all are welcome. We invite you to experience community, get help, make friends and celebrate life here. Mountain’s podcast feature Ben Cachiaras, other Mountain teaching pastors, and guest speakers. Visit for more information.

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Friday Feb 02, 2024

Tired of the never-ending cycle of conflict and disagreement? In a world divided like never before, finding unity can seem impossible. Even within the church, where the name of Jesus should be a unifying force, division is everywhere. But unity really matters. It's not just a nice idea; it's something Jesus Himself prayed for earnestly before He went to the cross.
But how do we navigate our differences? How do we live into the prayer Jesus prayed in John 17 that we, as believers, would be one, just as he and the Father are one? 
Join in as Pastor Ben Cachiaras preaches on how you can practically build unity with those around you, starting today!

Monday Jan 22, 2024

Struggling to find a life of significance, joy, and meaning? Jesus can show you the way through SERVING OTHERS! God has a unique Kingdom Assignment just for you. Watch the full message now and learn how to create a Jesus-shaped life! 

Monday Jan 15, 2024

Ever wondered who Jesus is gathering in his movement? Join us as we explore who  Jesus calls to His church. Discover the transformative power of honesty, change, and the healing touch of Jesus and hear a powerful testimony from one of Mountain’s own members. Let's be real about our brokenness and support each other with the love and power of Jesus.

Monday Jan 08, 2024

Dive into the rich history of our church that spans over 200 years! From a small log cabin to the thriving multi-site community we are today, join us on this incredible journey of faith, where God's blessings have shaped our story. As we celebrate our 200th birthday, join us in the mission – make disciples, love God, love people, and serve the world because the best is yet to come! 

Tuesday Jan 02, 2024

Want to know how embracing the power of God's word could transform your life in 2024? Dive into this incredible message by Abingdon Campus Pastor, Kirk Bolen, where we explore the timeless wisdom of Scripture - a guide to truth, correction, and righteousness. Join us on a journey to delight in, memorize, trust, and obey the Word of God. Ready to experience a profound shift in your spiritual walk? Watch the full message now and make 2024 a year filled with God's transformative word!

Sunday Dec 24, 2023

Ever wondered how to find lasting peace in a world full of chaos? Join us as we explore the ONE THING that changes everything: PEACE. Whether you're seeking peace with God, navigating through pain, or yearning for a promise of peace for the entire planet, this message is for you. Experience the transformation as we unravel the profound impact of the PRINCE of PEACE, born in Bethlehem, and discover how turning to God, instead of fleeting distractions, can bring true and lasting peace to your life.
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Mountain’s mission is to “make disciples – more and better disciples.” This is expressed by calling everyone to personally respond in faith to Jesus as Savior and Lord and continuing to follow him in community as we Love God, Love People, and Serve the World together!

Monday Dec 18, 2023

Ever wondered how Christmas holds the key to God's timeless promises and the transformation of our world? Join us as we dive deep into connecting ancient prophecies from Isaiah to the present. Discover the profound impact of Jesus as the light piercing through our darkness and God's unwavering love as an everlasting father, even in our imperfections.

Tuesday Dec 12, 2023

Is your God too small? Dive into this powerful message exploring the mightiness of God embodied in the tiny baby of Jesus— watch and expand your view of a Mighty God who holds us and the world together, no matter what!

Monday Dec 04, 2023

Ever wondered why simply knowing about God isn't enough to truly transform your life? Join Lead Pastor Ben Cachiaras he explores the profound difference between knowing OF God and truly KNOWING God. Watch the full message to discover the ultimate source of comfort and guidance. 

Monday Nov 27, 2023

Have you ever asked the question, “What was I made for?” You're not alone. Join us in our exploration of 1 Thessalonians, where Paul delves into life's big questions. Explore the profound influence of gratitude on our hearts and lives. Watch the full message now and discover the secrets to living with purpose and gratitude.


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